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Our Philosophy of Peace

We have a science based philosophy of peace building. The philosophy is based on extensive research in many scientific fields.The fields includes, but not limited to: mathematics, astronomy, evolution, ecology,  animal behavior, sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, international relationship.

  • Peace building should be holistic. Effective peace building can start from engaging people with peaceful lifestyle.
  • Peace is an attitude to all beings ( such as humans, nonhuman animals, plants and nature). The attitudes to all are connected, change one will influence another.
  • Human females are important in peace building
  • The grassroots are driving force of positive changes

Our Keywords

Holism, Altruism, Cooperation, Compassion, Love, Nonviolence, Inclusion, Anti-discrimination, Justice, Science, Connectivity, Community, Ecology, Reverence for Life, Health, Ancient Wisdom, Truth Seeking,

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